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Pet-Friendly CBD Saves the Day

We are animal people. We have big dogs, little dogs, dogs who bark, dogs who think they are cats… We even have a cat ...

The Medical Reason for Legal Marijuana Products

See the ad that was rejected by Super Bowl LIII. The stigma around medical marijuana is not lost on us.

How to Shop for Highly Reputable CBD Products

As a team here at Revibe, we are constantly consuming articles and data about the health benefits of cannabis oil - a...

Why We Started a CBD Products Company

We started a CBD / Hemp based products company because we did not want to pop pills for every single issue under the ...

Full Spectrum Vs. Isolate

I absolutely love learning and understanding the science behind Revibe’s CBD products. Jordan is our science guy – no...

Questions Regarding CBD Products

A group of us were recently discussing the hurdles of selling CBD based products. The #1 obstacles seem to be the "st...

1st Cannabis-based Prescription Drug Now Available in U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration in June approved the first-ever prescription drug made from cannabis. The new drug, ...
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