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Full Spectrum

Our whole plant (full spectrum) products contain more of the plants molecules in ratios and amounts nature intended and have a wider health reach (including a very low concentration, up to .03% of THC).

By extracting CBD in the full spectrum format, we retain a wider variety of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients resulting in higher potency. 

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Broad Spectrum (Isolate)

Our isolate product line is purified CBD that has plant material extracted and isolated from the other cannabinoids with no THC.

Why choose broad spectrum?  You receive the numerous benefits from the CBD products and avoid the trace elements of THC.  It is also a lower cost per milligram.


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Not just for humans, our pet line is purrrrr-fect for your extended family members. If your pet is seeking relief CBD oil is a viable option. 

Don’t worry! Your pet will not get the "munchies" from CBD, as this product is from our broad spectrum line. 

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Our Promise

Revibe products are formulated in small batches with an all natural, independent lab tested formula of CBD and terpenes extracted from “locally grown” hemp plants ensuring isolation and removal of any of the psychoactive compound, “THC.”  

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