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Why We Started a CBD Products Company

Starting a new business has a unique set of challenges (funding, time, operations, etc.). However, starting a CBD/hemp-based products company has an even greater set of challenges!

But let's start with the "why." Why did we make the decision to jump more hurdles than an Olympic athlete in training? Why endure the disappointment of have our ads shot down time and again on every major social media platform? Why?! I mean, our products are 100% legal. Our products are 100% organic and third-party lab tested. Our products are 100% in high demand. Yet, we have been shut down more times than the government!

But for us the answer is simple... we want to be the leading provider of organic, natural products that make daily life better for all. For us, the road blocks have helped us to better shape our vision for the roadmap ahead.

And a little bit selfishly... we personally did not want to "pop pills" for the aches, pains, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, arthritis, and every other imaginable "pharma-driven" health issue. We each desired a natural, organic remedy and found it in one product - CBD. 

Learn a little more about us! Check out the video of our talk to more than 300 entrepreneurs at the Atlanta Startup Village.  I really love 1:34 - "We are not pot!"  Also, there's a great Q & A in the last five minutes from the startup crowd!


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