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Pet-Friendly CBD Saves the Day

We are animal people. We have big dogs, little dogs, dogs who bark, dogs who think they are cats…

We even have a cat who thinks he is a dog! 

Let me tell you about two very special four-legged members that we've added to our family. 

Lucky is an 80-pound Irish Pale Retriever and Penelope is an English Yorkie. They are in separable and, despite her 75-pound weight disadvantage, the Yorkie (or “P-Pop” as she is referred to in our house) runs the show.

When we took P-Pop to be spayed, the procedure posed a logistical issue for P-Pop and Lucky. They had never been apart for more than a few hours and Lucky, who is still a puppy himself, could not be trusted to be around her post surgery. He was too excitable, too anxious, too wound up.  

When she came home, we placed Penelope on the other side of the house to rest and recover. This didn’t work for Lucky. He became extremely agitated, despite our best efforts to calm him. Lucky's behavior was beginning to worry us. He was thrashing around, barking, unwilling to leave his post in the doorway nearest Penelope. His anxiety was at an all-time high!

Then, CBD saved the day. 

We began experimenting with small amounts of CBD, infused in his drinking water and his food. We soon found the winning balance and Lucky was himself again. Just as it does for humans, CBD helps to calm and restore balance in our furry friends.

Don’t get me wrong... Lucky wanted his little running mate back, but he was able to maintain control, listen to commands, and - most importantly - get outside to exercise and potty. 

P-Pop bounced back quickly and the two are inseparable once again. 

CBD oil is always on hand to help our furry family members when circumstances put them in stressful situations… car travel, holiday fireworks, any time we have large gatherings at home…

Thanks to CBD, they are always at their best regardless of what life throws at them.


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