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The Medical Reason for Legal Marijuana Products

Recently, Acreage Holdings created a Super Bowl LIII ad that was rejected. I watched it, in total awe. In brief, the ad's message is extremely powerful and tells the medical cannabis story from several points of view - with the underlying theme focusing on the nearly miraculous health benefits of medical cannabis and the need to throw away pills to pursue an organic, natural path.

"But it's weed..."  
"It's not legal..."  
"It's a gateway to (fill in the blank)..." 

Despite the overwhelming evidence that cannabis has amazing health benefits, the stigma surrounding these products is overwhelming! And that stigma bleeds over to CBD/hemp-based products (although THC-free and 100% legal).  

Hemp-based CBD is not pot! Consider CBD a cousin... the one who wears a sweater vest into their 30's to "blend in."  CBD is more Carlton than Fresh Prince... only Carlton is actually a superhero in disguise.

We frequently used the hashtag, "#screwthestigma." People - maybe most people - need CBD for one reason or another. We want society to feel comfortable talking about it and sharing it with others. We have found that many people feel the need to use CBD in secret - much like our grandparents did with alcohol during Prohibition.  We say, "Screw the Stigma! This stuff works!!"

Watch this powerful ad below to form your own judgements about medical marijuana. And I dare you not to cry. 


This ad was created by Acreage Holdings.

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