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Revibe joins the fight against COVID-19

Who we are helping!

We were so inspired by the bravery and selfless actions of our medical and first responder communities.  Women and Men, volunteers, who have stepped up to fight this virus, in spite of the danger, doing so while tragically ill equipped to protect themselves and their patients.  These are people in our community… friends, neighbors, spouses, children that need our support.  When the opportunity to partner with our suppliers, who are re-tooling their labs to produce Medical Grade Hand sanitizer, we jumped into action.  After all, Revibe was born out of a desire to help people live better lives, this is an opportunity to do just that.  Please help us, join the fight, and make a difference in this time of need!


What we are doing!

For the next 60 days Revibe Fuel, will devote 100% of its profits towards delivering much needed hand sanitizer and medical supplies to our frontline medical teams.  This is a grass roots, no frills, call to action.  We are going to start with the hospitals experiencing the worst shortages and hope to expand support to those in need identified by YOU our Revibe Tribe!


Why we are doing it!

Our Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer meets medical grade standards at 70% Ethanol by volume, to give you peace of mind when you have to venture out.  We go one step further by supplying one bottle for every bottle purchased to our first responder and medical communities.  Hand Hygiene is critical to mitigating the spread of the COVID virus.  Healthcare professionals have to clean their hands as many as 100x per shift.  That’s roughly 50 oz’s of Sanitizer per person per shift!  If you are doing the math like we are there is no way our hospitals can keep up with that demand!



How this works.

Buy one 8 oz Peace of Mind Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer and the 100% of the proceeds will go towards supplying one bottle to our Front-Line Healthcare providers.  All supplies will be donated through to ensure it goes where needed most.

Buy and Revibe Fuel product from April 12th through June 12th and 100% of the profits will go towards the purchase of Face Masks and Latex Gloves for our Front Line Healthcare Providers. All supplies will be donated through to ensure it goes where needed most.


We will update our Blog weekly with our progress. 


Please share this with as many people as possible.


If you know of a medical team in need of supplies please email us the details and we will get them added to our queue. or

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Support our Front Line Healthcare Providers!

For the next 60 days Revibe Fuel will be donating 100% of our profits toward providing our Frontline Healthcare workers with critical supplies.  Join the fight by purchasing a bottle of our Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer, for every bottle sold we will donate a bottle to our Healthcare Hero's!

Join the Fight!

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