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How to Shop for Highly Reputable CBD Products

As a team here at Revibe, we are constantly consuming articles and data about the health benefits of cannabis oil - and it's readily apparent that many credible research organizations are reluctant to make any concrete statements. There is no debate - the health benefits of CBD are tremendous, unquestionable, and wide-sweeping; however, the effectiveness of each product tends to be specific to individual needs.

For example, a client recently reached out to us to ask about the impact of CBD on migraines (see the capture below). Article-after-article... the repeating message was "maybe... possibly... it should help... try it for yourself."

If you are considering CBD for a particular issue, results will vary based on your ideal dosage and individual needs, but you will feel results. And we agree with the research - jump in and give CBD a try!

The most important criterion is selecting a high-quality oil, from a reputable company who uses 3rd party lab testing on products. While this article from Consumer Reports was published before the latest Farm Bill was passed, it offers great advice for those researching their options.

How to Shop for CBD

Our new clients typically want to know what dosage they should purchase when getting started with Revibe CBD oil. We typically recommend starting with a 500 mg product (listed as total mgs per bottle), like Zen Beast.  A 500 mg bottle provides 16-18 mgs in each daily dosage. Think about it like this... 500 total mgs divided by 30 doses equals 16.6 mgs.  

Depending on your needs, results can be felt as quickly as a few hours, but may take a few days. After evaluating your results during the course of a month, you may decide to step up or down in dosage.

Bottom line... from a dosage perspective, there is no wrong way to get started with CBD oil, but the quality of your oil matters!

We have listed our latest lab details and results for your review.  If you have any questions, please reach out and less us know. We are always happy to help.

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